Varieties in Women’s Heels and Their Benefits

Women are highly conscious of their appearance and personality and they will go to any extent for improving the way they look. This is actually a quality that makes the character of women totally different from that of men. Most men give least importance to appearance and they will not change their hair style too often and they spent hours to find footwear that matches them and their outfit perfectly. Men are totally unaware about their needs and many women accuse their husbands of being selfish and without any aesthetic sense. Therefore, when it comes to buying women’s heels, it will be better to leave the choice to them.

There are three types of women’s heels and they are flat heels, medium and high heels. Anything lesser than one inch in height comes under the category of flat or low and those that are more than an inch but less than three inches come under the middle category and those that are above 3 inches in length fall under the high category. Wearing shoes with very high heels may cause certain health issues like pain in tendons, back and spinal cord. Apart from this, if they are careless, they may fall down and may get sprains and fractures and even deformed legs. Pros and cons of wearing high heels is still a bone of contention and many people disagree with this argument. However, they happen only for people that wear it regularly and if you are bit careful, you can avoid fractures and sprains.

Women generally buy heels for showing themselves as tall and they believe that their confidence will be high and for some it is a mere obsession. There are also women that hate heels and consider them as an insult. Many women love to have heels but wary of wearing them because of health reasons. Some other women buy heels just because their husbands like them wearing it. Designers have designed large number of women’s heels and many designs are very popular even after years of their introduction. Booties, wedges and platform heels are some of the examples of popular models with long history. Color is another passion when it comes to heels, Women love wearing shoes and footwear with heels in vivid colors. However, colorful footwear are not conducive in business environments.

There are wide varieties and models available in the online shops and you will also get discounts when you buy heels from there. There are certain advantages when you wear heels like you will have an upright posture and you will get immediate respect. Your feet will get well defined arches and your calves will get more attractive. Short skirts and high heels are perfect matches and will give a sexy appearance and heels that are three inches or less is best for professionals.


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