It is important to keep the moisture open in the pore opening

If you observe your skin well, I think that there are many people who notice that pore openings are conspicuous than before.
Originally pores will not remain open and should normally be closed properly.
The more younger your skin like a baby, the less noticeable it is with the pores open.
What can be thought of as a cause of the pore opening conspicuous is that sebum is excessively secreted and that sagging of the skin is occurring.

Because our skin has moderate sebum, it is able to keep moisture.
Those who are in a state of healthy skin keep moderate sebum, but when sebum is excessively secreted due to disorder of lifestyle, stress, aging, etc., pores are spread beyond necessity I will.
Hormonal balance tends to be disordered when in teens, so sebum is easy to be secreted excessively, but you can close the pores properly as you can maintain skin firmness.
However, in the state where you can not keep the tightness after years of age, it will be difficult to close the pores because slack will remain.
It is thought that this is the biggest cause of pores remaining unopened.

Moisturizing is important to improve pore opening

To improve the opening of pores and firmly tighten it is necessary to remove excess sebum properly and to supply moisture to your skin to maintain youthful skin condition.
By refilling your skin with moisturizing ingredients you can regain elasticity and elasticity and tighten the pores firmly.
However, it does not make much sense if the moisturizing ingredients do not penetrate firmly into the back of the skin, so it is important to check what kind of moisturizing ingredients are contained and use it.
Vitamin C derivatives, collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, etc. can be mentioned as ingredients that can be expected to tighten pore opening.
Among these ingredients, there are good penetrating properties of the skin, so after confirming which ingredients are specifically included, let’s use it for skin care.


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