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Improve Abandoned Carts Recovery In Magneto Stores

Lost sales account for the biggest challenge for Magento store owners, and an abandoned cart is the real problem behind this. 

The average online shopping cart abandonment rate is 69.57%. So, if you think you are a victim of abandoned carts, you are not alone. With a wide variety of products available online, customers are spoilt for choice. They can compare the quality, price, and delivery date with a few clicks, which has been a distant shopping dream for many years. 

But luckily, you can turn your forgone leads into loyal paying customers. 

According to the experts of search engine optimization in Frederick, MD, abandoned carts cost merchants a massive amount of their total sales. However, optimizing the store’s checkout experience can increase conversions and recover lost sales.

In this post, we will discuss a few ways to improve recovery.

Win Your Customers Back With Retargeting 

Retargeting is the best way to get your customers to return and convert. Merchants are scared of remarketing either because they use it all wrong, or have a poor understanding of the subject. But remarketing reaps benefits that they shouldn’t be afraid to chase. 

eCommerce sites can leverage the power of retargeting by:

  • Demonstrating ads on social media regarding products waiting in the cart. 
  • Personalizing ads according to the prospects and boosting conversions.

Optimizing Checkout Experience

Use various analytics tools to study user behavior and identify reasons behind cart abandonment. Work on the triggers and enhance your store’s checkout experience.

As mentioned before, complex checkout processes can turn off a considerable amount of your customers. So, 

  • Add a one-step checkout extension.
  • Reduce the checkout steps.
  • Design a single page checkout. 
  • Test compatibility across various devices. 

Send Powerful Yet Subtle Cart Abandonment Emails

Targeted email marketing performs better than content marketing, in most cases. 

Sometimes, technical glitches can be the reason behind cart abandonment. Regardless, well-designed abandoned cart emails can effectively recover forgone leads. 

By adding your products to the cart, customers surely indicate they are interested in buying them. They just need a push to complete the purchase, and cart abandonment emails can provide just that. However, the entire strategy depends on timing.

If you are too late in sending a recovery email, chances are likely the customer may buy a similar product from a different store. Therefore, it is essential to design visually appealing emails and send them at the right time. Sixty minutes is considered a suitable time frame for the first recovery email.

You can also entice your customers by offering an additional discount on the purchase. When designing cart abandonment emails:

  • Choose a catchy subject line.
  • Offer discounts for a limited time frame.
  • Ensure that the email is highly responsive.
  • Add contact information.
  • Ask customers if they need help completing the purchase.

Use Push Notifications To Attract Shoppers

Outstanding exit-intent pop-ups and notifications sent at the right time can block shoppers’ idea of abandoning the cart. These notifications also boost engagement.

Experts of Maryland website design can personalize these pop-ups and remind the customers about the products in the cart. However, these notifications must be compelling enough to retain them. When personalizing them:

  • Add a strong and exciting CTA.
  • Motivate them to shop by offering irresistible discounts.
  • Provide them with a one-click buy now option.
  • Keep it minimal and attractive.

Diversify Payment Options

Oftentimes, merchants find out that the cart was abandoned because their desired payment method wasn’t available. So, give them more options.

Some prefer paying via cash, while others prefer card/ wallet options. Offering them limited choices means limiting your chances to convert. 

Final Thoughts

An abandoned cart is an issue faced by various Magento merchants. 

But the good news is that by employing the right strategies, you can win over your lost customers and convert them into loyal paying clients.

To help you with the same, in this post, we discussed common reasons behind cart abandonment and ways to combat it.

Hopefully, this will help you expand your online empire!