How To Create Backlinks To Your Website

Over the years I have learned one thing about people who create backlinks to their websites. If you don’t know what you’re doing, then you can spend a large amount of time wasting your time, and even messing the reputation of your website up. There are so many rumors on Google in regards to linking campaigns for websites as a means to getting more fast traffic. You basically have to use common sense, know what to take in and what to leave out. The thing about creating backlinks for you website is that you really have to be careful. Even though you might read over 100 websites that say they have the “answer” to making it big on Google, you will never really know 100% what it is that Google wants from our sites. Because none of those people are the Corp. owners or SEO’s of Google. And Search engines are constantly changing.

Blogs and sites that give you this information for “free” are simply sharing something that has previously worked for them. Meaning, it might not work in a few months… or it might. But you will never really know for sure! Some of the things that you have to take into consideration when marketing your blog/website are: who exactly are you trying to reach out to, and what are the methods that you plan on using to do this. It is really quite simple why people who have creating a good amount of backlinks for themselves have been successful. Search engines love sites that other people love (popular sites). If you have links that means that you are popular… therefore search engines will love you. So when people start the long road of creating high quality backlinks for themselves, they are simply trying to tell all the search engines: “hey looky here I exist, put me on page one!”

That is why you must be careful with this type of advertisement. Creating backlinks for yourself is fine, but you have to know just how to do it. Take into consideration this hypothetical situation: Say that you’re thinking about buying this really pretty cat that you saw the other day at a shelter home. Then suddenly on the same day, everyone on your phone list (all 133 contacts) call you to try and convince you to buy that dog. Wouldn’t you be a bit suspicious about the situation? It is the same with Google. When you are creating backlinks for yourself, you must do it at a slow, original, and natural looking pace. You can hear horrid stories on forums about websites that were bringing in loads of cash that suddenly were dropped off of the search engines index. Never to be indexed again. Creating backlinks to your site is the same as trying to get famous and popular. That is why you must do it the right way. Always make sure that you make it look natural, original, and not spammy! Other-wise there could be dire consequences. In fact, there are plenty of people out there who are willing to do the work for you for pay if you need backlinks to your website. Some are exaggerating, but some are not so exaggerating. Whatever your choice is, make sure you know exactly what’s going on with your website at all times.

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