How Can Text Compare Tools Benefit Your Blog?

Content creators and developers are always in a need of tools which can help them. Such tools include plagiarism detectors, website checkers, and tools like WinMerge, which compare text documents file. But what is the need to compare text documents? Text comparison tools are generally meant for comparing two or more pieces of content. This is done in order to find out the similarities and differences in both the pieces. In some cases, the user might want both the pieces to be similar, and in some cases, the user might be checking the documents for differences. Great thing is that these tools can help you do both. But how can you exactly use these tools for the betterment of your blog? Let’s find out in the sections below.

What’s the point?

If you have a blog which you are passionate about, you sure would have tried so many things. While blogging is generally associated with just creating content, the truth is something else.Blogs need regular attention. Even if you are doing everything on your own, there are chances of occurrence of errors. These errors can be fatal at times. Utilities like a text compare tool can make things easier to some extent.

How Can Text Compare Tools Benefit Your Blog?

Read below to find out how to use text compare tools for your blog.

1. Help During Revisions

Not all content management systems have an option to display previous versions of a piece of content.If you are using a tool which helps you compare two versions of your text, it will become easier for you to identify what needs to be updated, and what has been updated. With such tools, you can easily track the differences and similarities depending on your need.

2. Help Against Copied Content

If you doubt that content is on a website has been copied from your blog, what you can do is compare them both.The text compare tool, as usual, will display all the differences and similarities. Also, there are some online tools which will give you the exact value of the percentage of content which is similar in both the documents. This is one great way of checking out if content from your site has been copied by some other website.

3. Check Your Content for Plagiarism

Another use of a text compare tool is for you to check your content for plagiarism. If you took any ideas from a source for writing content for your blog, chances are that there can be some copied content.To check for the same, you can compare the source and your content, and rectify the similarities totally. Plagiarism of content is totally unethical. It can even land you with a fine and a legal suit for copyright infringement.As you read the above text compare tools are useful for anyone who creates content. You can use these tools for the betterment of your blog. But, which tools to use? Well, here are Top 3 Text compare tools of all time.

Top 3 Text Compare Tools of All Time

1. Meld

One of the best text compare tools out there is Meld. It is a completely open source software. That is why you can customize it according to your needs with coding. Also, it supports comparing, merging and editing of files directly from the compare view screen. And that is not it. You can even compare folders using Meld.

2. Araxis Merge

Another amazing tool for diffing is Araxis Merge. With Araxis you can compare so many formats of files which you can’t actually do with Meld. Araxis supports more formats than just text and image. With this tool, you can compare Office documents like Word Files, PPTs, Excel sheets etc.Also, whether you use a Mac or a Windows PC, you need not worry. Araxis runs on both of these and that too with the same license.

3. Beyond Compare

This is truly the best content compare tool by now. It can compare and diff any form of content. Be it text, image, video or PDF. Beyond compare really goes beyond the limits of comparisons. To start with you can buy the standard pack for the tool, which will cost you around $30. For the advanced pack, you will have to pay $50. That will obviously add a lot of advanced features to it.

Final words

The basic idea of text comparison is to make sure that a specific piece of content has gone through revisions correctly. Also, it checks out the content for any suspected plagiarism.Using such diffing tools, you can work towards the betterment of your blog’s content.

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