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Email Marketing Analysis and Improvement Measures

Social Media has brought new prospects to digital marketing, but email is still one of the most effective methods to target and engage audiences. If a business is not getting effective results due to a poor email marketing campaign, it doesn’t mean email marketing is dead. It only requires a change in the email marketing strategy. As per the statistics, the average email open rate in Australia is 36 %, out of which the CTR (Click through Rate) is 4.9% highest in comparison to other countries. 

Email marketing has an advantage over social media campaigns as it gives a personal touch to customers. A mailbox with a personalised email builds a personal connection between customers and the brand. Social media notifications work for a group of audiences with similar interests. There are various platforms and software available to send bulk SMS in a personalised manner. Best email marketing tips involve identifying the audience, creating engaging content, and maintaining consistency. But, how to stream these ideas in a marketing campaign?

First, one needs to know the basic terms of email marketing that helps in identifying the customer and improving the email marketing campaign.

Email Terms and Importance in Marketing

Email Open Rate: It is the ratio of emails sent divided by the number of emails open. It helps you to create a list of interested customers and the effectiveness of the subject line. It is like the top heading of blog post or article that compel users to click, thereby increasing website traffic. Create a short, attractive, and informative subject line which tempts every person in your email lists to click. 

CTR or Click Through Rate: Top marketing companies focus on CTR to convert links in to click. It is the primary reason for email marketing. The number of clicks on the email content link divided by emails sent defines email CTR. The click-through rate depends upon the content of your email. What you offer and what customers like in the email, is it the offer, or the fact that make them click. 

Spam Rate: It is the ratio of email complaints to the number of emails sent. It is one of the most critical factors that affect your reputation. It generally occurs when you focus more on marketing rather than knowing the interests of audiences. Moreover, contacts in your email lists may mark the email as spam to degrade your brand value. Blocklist such contacts immediately and prevent yourself from getting blocked by ISP. 

Effective Ways to Improve Email Strategy 

As we are aware of the email terms and how they affect the customers, we can develop strategies that generate more leads effectively. The future of email marketing is a sure shot success as the users will only increase. More users lead to more revenue. The only need is to plan better email marketing tips

Better Content For Digital Users: Now, everybody owns a smartphone, and it is the need of the current world to make mobile-friendly content. Users avoid reading the text and prefer infographics. Consider using email templates with responsive design. Infographics are easy to understand as they provide information shortly and visually. A vibrant infographic shows brand value and increases CTR.

Time Management and Email Automation: One of the most significant factors why top organisations succeed is timely and consistent delivery of emails. Time management is the most crucial strategy for any project. Usually, individuals open the mailbox in the morning and after office hours. Sending emails at that time increases your customer reach. For example, if you are in health and fitness business, sending emails in the morning will make your brand noticeable and engage customers

Trigger emails, cost-effective are some other benefits of email marketing. So, email plays a vital role in marketing your business in getting leads and increasing sales.