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Best Ways To Improve WordPress SEO

Well being the blogger, or doing the blogging the main concern is how to generate the traffic to your site. For this reason we mostly do the irrelevant things that are not demanded by the search engines. It should be keep in mind that always provide the “quality” not “quantity“. So to provide the quality content we have the top 10 efficient WordPress SEO tips to be followed. But I think that the rank is not most important part than the quality content. As i have seen many cases that the websites at the greater rank but have not quality content.

But The Question Is How Can We Achieve The Traffic Generating Feature And Quality Content Service.

10 Efficient WordPress SEO Tips To Be Followed

WordPress which is a well known CMS and blogging platform, widely use for the blogging for different purposes. There are a-lots of tips and tricks for which you can create a healthy WordPress blog. Lets take a look on top 10 efficient WordPress SEO tips. I really think if anyone will work out on these tips will surely be able to find a greater place in the blogging world.

Related Topic Should Be In Your Article Title:

For example : You are writing about the topic “Play Online”. So the term “Play online” should be in your tittle. Reason for this is that when any user will read out your tittle it will have a clear image that what is inside your post and will feel easy to read your post. But this is not enough here lets take a look on other tips as well.

Use Same Word With Different Names:

It is reality that every person have a different thinking style and he follows that. Some time a word or a sentence can satisfy him which is written according to your writing and thinking style. It is also impossible to write according to everyone’s thinking style. But the point is use same word with different name mean to say use synonyms. This will provide the user a great flexibility. If he has a confusion on a specific word so he will be cleared at another place where you had placed out the same word with different name.

Illustrate Your Writings :

Use the heading tags (H1, H2, H3) with (CTRL1, CTRL2, CTRL3) to demand attention on important parts of the post. Search engines mainly focus on the heading tags,

Make Listed Items Instead Of Paragraphs:

It seems complex when your are writing about the ranking objects, features or anything which can be count and write into numbers are described into paragraph. Like Top 10, advantages disadvantages, categories etc. Always use listed options with bullets or numbers it make your content easier and friendly with the search engine.

Complete Your Stuff With Dedication :

It usually happens when you are writing a long post you become tired and may get bored of it. So for this you try to finish the post immediately. For this you use the shortcut and use such steps which make your post inappropriate or complex for the user and the search engine as well. If the user coming to your site but not finding the sufficient amount of information. So how can you ever dream that he will again come to your site?. So Always provide the complete stuff but with the dedication.

Use Italic And Bold Tags:

Use bold and italic tags to make the influence of  “Must read” part of your post on the normal writings.

Build Reputed Backlinks:

Make your website linked with the reputed websites. Back linking your websites with other sites is term as “class“. Link your website with the good website is just like to lie you in the “class A”. But linking the site with low content site may not give you the perfect class. Commenting on the other sites create the back-links for your sites and good for SEO as well.

Make Your Keyword Prominent In Keyword Battle:

Keep your keyword search “on” for knowing that what users search for their satisfaction. While writing about any topic you must know about the keyword search that what actually the user type to search desired topic. Google Ad-Words keyword Tool helps you to find out the present trends for the Keyword search.

Make Images Your Blog’s Best Friends:

Don’t neglect the Importance of the images in blogging. Images make the better illustrations for the users. Always give the “alt tag” and “tittle” of the images. This make good for the SEO when search engines knows that what is image about. Use your keyword in the image alt tag of the image.

Know About the Experts and Competitors:

The Competitors and the Experts that have a-lots of visitors and traffic will surely have some extra ordinary skills. That’s why they have become able to achieve some perfect position. Note their writings and tricks that they use in their posts. Try to place different and relevant data to make some uniqueness and for Good SEO. These were the top 10 efficient WordPress SEO tips to achieve the target which the more traffic groomed site. By implementing on these tips will surely make you the skilled blogger.