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As you may probably already know, I participated in the ComLuv Traffic Generation Contest. In my entry I talked about the importance of and asked readers to take a on the subject of guest blogging. What I wanted to find out was what matters the most when publishing a guest post on another blog. The results are now in. First of all, I would like to thank everyone who completed the survey.There weren’t many responses, but I was able to come to a few conclusions after “my little experiment”.

The Main Benefits of Guest Blogging Guidelines are as follows:

  • Gaining exposure;
  • Getting targeted traffic;
  • SEO benefits;
  • Increasing your reputation;
  • Networking;

But how exactly do you maximize these benefits? What makes the opportunities to you stand out to the reader in order to possibly gain a new subscriber for your blog? Is it your reputation? How active you are? Your avatar and description? The length of your guest post? The answer is simpler than that: just be useful to your readers. A naïve conclusion? Maybe. But my point is this: if a visitor reads one of your articles and finds it useful, he will want to check you out. But let’s take a look at the results of the survey.

1. Your Guest Post’s Sources of Traffic.

Most of the respondents found my guest post via subscription for ComLuv. Others reached the article after visiting ComLuv directly. This is interesting because the survey got two waves of respondents (which means two waves of traffic). The first wave was during the first days after the article got published. The second wave of readers came from ComLuv’s e-mail newsletter.

2. How Many of the Readers Have Done Guest Posting Themselves?

Most haven’t. What I wanted to find out with this question was what kind of people share your articles and visit your site? Is it active members of the community who guest post and comment? Or is it the not so visible lurkers? Unfortunately, there were too few responses to reach a valid conclusion on this aspect.

3. How Often Does the Reader Comment on an Article?

What you see is not always what you get. This is very true for blogging in general. Some respondents identified themselves as moderate commentators, while most said that they rarely or never comment on articles. When writing a guest post, it is important to keep in mind the lurkers of the site you are blogging for.

4. What Mainly Drives a Reader to Visit the Guest Post Author’s Site?

The most important aspect determining whether or not a reader of your guest post will visit your site was revealed to be the article itself. If the readers liked your article and found it useful, they will most likely want to know more about you and click on the links in your description. Of course, what you write in your description also matters but if the article you wrote was a waste of time, no one will bother getting to know you. When guest blogging, you are exposing yourself to the community of that site. It’s natural that you would have to make a good first impression right?

5. What Mainly Drives a Reader to Share a Guest Post?

Likewise, the main motivation behind sharing an article seemed to be the usefulness of the post. Thanks again to everyone who participated in the survey. I will keep it open so if you still want to participate, feel free to do so. The results are also open to anyone who completes the survey Service so you can reach your own conclusions after that.

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