10 Effective Ways To Promote Your Website For Free

As of December, there are 255 million websites in the World Wide Web, with approximately 58.500 new websites appearing daily. In these conditions it is not hard to understand why it would be difficult to attract traffic onto a newly launched website. There are however, ways promote your website for free.

Best Techniques to Promote Your Website for Free

1. Press release

Issuing a press release would be a good way to get the word about your website out there. If a journalist picks up your story, it will be very good exposure for your website. If the distribution service accepts backlinks to your website, it will also be helpful with SEO. Ideally, you could pay a professional press release distribution service but if you don’t have that kind of money, there are a few good free distribution services out there that I myself have used. is one of them. Remember! A press release is not an ad. Keep things objective, detach yourself from your business and write the press release from an external point of view.

2. SEO

There are a lot of things you can do for Search Engine Optimization, both on-page and off-page. SEO will be a constant learning experience and it will require how much regular effort on your side. But don’t let this intimidate you, there’s a lot of SEO techniques even beginners can implement to improve their ranking in search engines.

3. Socialize

Find blogs close to your niche and post comment on them. Join online communities such as forums. Share things, make discussions, meet new people.

4. Blog

Blogging will give your website fresh, original and relevant content. Just what search engines love. Also, if you provide interesting information on your blog which deserves to be shared, your visitors will recommend your website to their friends. Write about your business, find your niche, be creative and express your personality. I for one am still pretty new in blogging and I’m still trying to find my own style. Plus, considering my type of website, it is pretty challenging to find a niche to write about. But I’ve decided that I’ll be mainly blogging about website promotion, sharing interesting things found on the web and generally writing about stuff that other beginner webmasters such as myself would find useful.

5. Social Bookmarking

Use sites like Digg, Redit, Delicious and StumbleUpon to promote your website and articles. Be careful though. Don’t spam by submitting all of your pages. Keep a polite etiquette, participate in the community and remember to submit articles from external sources as well.

6. Social Networks

This is where Facebook and Twitter come in. They are the key to viral marketing and online word of mouth (please excuse the terminology). Social media is also a 2011 trend in SEO. It has been that major search engines like Google and Bing take into account links found on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

7. Article marketing

With article marketing sites like Ezine Articles you can promote yourself as an expert in your fiend and link juice onto your website. Writing articles on these types of websites are a win-win situation with which you will have a give-and-take relationship. Your “give” is an original and well written article and your “take” is an “about me” paragraph with a link to your main website, usually found at the bottom of an article. You can also make a connection between the submitted article and one of your own web pages. Example: “For more information on this subject you can visit my website at…” or “You can find a statistic on X by following the text link. Make sure however that you read their editorial guidelines. Don’t submit the same content to a dozen places. This could get you penalized not just by the editors of article directory but with Google as well. Even if you rewrite your articles by changing the formulation and terminology a little bit (this is called article spinning), Google is on a mission to cleanse duplicate content found on article directories. Besides, if Google finds similar content on two different websites, who do you think it will show first in the results? Ezine Articles with 366,340 expert authors and over 70 written articles daily, or you and your blog.

8. Directories

Directories are a good way to get backlinks to your website. They are considered useless or damaging by some by I think there are some good directories out there which deserve attention. Just make sure the directory is moderated and doesn’t approve every single one of its submissions. Good directories will also review your website. Try looking for niche directories and make sure you submit your website in the correct category.

9. Classfiend ads

These are efficient when you are trying to sell a product or a service locally through your website. You can find an immense list of by following the text link.

10. E-mail marketing

Don’t spam by sending unsolicited e-mail. In most countries that is illegal. Make the subject line clickable. Keep the body of the e-mail engaging and to the point. And since we are at the subject of e-mail marketing, make sure to subscribe to my feed! Remember, the important thing is not to give up, even if you do have about 20 or 50 visitors a day. Promoting your website requires a constant effort on your side. These are the most basic ideas which anyone can do.